In this instructable we will make some curtains for a camper van. I wanted to use curtains that didnt require a rail system to support the top and bottom as this can interfere with the space inside the van. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. You will need: A van at least 5m of velro with stick hooks and sew loops.

Sewable material of your choice we used a low weight poly cotton blend A sewing machine ours was found on the side of the road. You will need some help for this one.

Fitted front curtain for a minivan camper van: part 1

Lure your girlfriend into your van. Try using chocolate as bait. Once inside, get her to help you hold the material in place while you mark the edges. An extra set of hands really helps here so if you can get more chocolate, get as many helpers as possible. Hold oversized pieces of fabric to the windows and use your helper to support the pieces while you mark out the edges.

The photo attached shows how I used the contours of the body panels to define the edge of the curtains. Mark out the curtains the whole way around.

Van Curtains

To make the hem you will need to mark an offset from the edge line. I wanted a 20mm hem so I made the offset 40mm. I marked this all the way around the edge line in red. This should now be the cut line for the final piece of material before sowing. Working around the edge of the curtain, fold over the hem. The cut line red should rest on the edge line blue. The hem should be 20mm back from the edge.

Campervan Curtains | Choice of pre-bent rails or universal fit

Use a pin to hold the layers of cloth together. Move around the cloth about mm down and repeat. Now, lay the cloth on an ironing board and starting at the pinned points and working into the middle, iron a crease to hold the hem line parallel to the edge line. Work all the way around the cloth until the hem is complete. Fold in the corners as much as is necessary to bring the edge line back to a tangent with the corner of the window.

Dont worry about getting this perfect the material will look good even if the cloth doesn't perfectly match the inside of the window cavity. Remember to take of your shirt and drink lots of beer if sewing makes you feel uncomfortable about your manliness. As the velcro was as dear as poison, it is important to use it wisely.

I calculated that 5 windows with 4 corners and 2 strips in each corner and 2 in the middle of the longer side 10 per window would mean about 50 strips.

As the velcro came in a 5m roll, 50 strips would mean each strip is mm long. To be conservative, I made the strips 80mm long allowing for a few extra strips to be used on the back window.

I cut up all the strips before starting. Pin the hook strips in the corners of the curtains.While curtains and window dressings in a traditional home are often for show, campervan curtains are vital campervan gear. Considering the impact of light, number of windows and their location, curtains and window coverings need to be considered when choosing your van.

900 lumens equals how many watts

So you need to be able to fully close off your visual world to prevent nosy passersby from peering in. To be cut and hemmed to fit your van. Our Rating The best material for campervan curtains If you have no concerns about light transfer, security or stealth, use whatever material you like.

Blackout material solves all of the above points and it does just what its name implies; totally blocks light. Fortunately, ready-made blackout curtains can be purchased from Amazon and altered to fit your rods or other mounting system and voila! Custom campervan blackout curtains! Blackout campervan curtains need to be designed to keep light from entering or escaping around the edges. Sew the curtains to overlap, and secure edges with Velcro, magnets or ribbon ties. All kidding aside, in recent years some great, inexpensive portable sewing machines have come on the market.

Highly rated, great price and all you really need to sew hems in fabric. T his will also come in handy if you need to adjust sheet or mattress pad cover size. Who knows, maybe sewing will become a passion and you can earn some extra cash for your van travels.

The Vanlife community is nothing if not innovative and inventive. Our Top Pick for insulating windows against both heat and cold are window panels. These window covers have many advantages — creating total blackout, providing insulation against cold transfer through glass, and fitting the windows exactly. One con of window panels is that they need to be removed and stored when you require natural light, rather than just being drawn aside.

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If the idea of window panels appeals, they are pretty easy to make yourself. Carefully cut a piece of rigid plastic, sturdy cardboard, or Reflectix to fit the glass area of your window and cover with fabric. Fix cloth to the board with special glue see below or staples for a cheap instant fix or stitch through your backing material to hem around the circumference. Use spring-loaded curtain rods, hook and loop, or magnets to secure the panels in place.

Many van builders use pre-made quilted blanket material for extra insulation. Cut to size and attach to a rigid backing…. A variation on making your own window panels is using foil bubble sheet, the most common brand being Reflectix. It consists of two layers of reflective film bonded to internal layers of polyethylene bubbles.

Easy to cut with scissors or craft knife and fix in place, this cushioned material also has some insulating properties, is waterproof, reflects sunlight, and, when cut exactly to size, will serve as effective campervan blackout curtains. One downside to using reflective bubble sheet for campervan window covering is that it is very shiny and may attract notice from passers-by.

When not in use, the bubble sheets can easily be rolled and stored.Use them in the bedroom or anywhere you want to add a splash of color and southwest style. See all the brilliant colors and native style patterns that make cowboy and Indian themes so popular. For rustic ranch style, cabin or lodge look, create the perfect accent with a Native American theme. And, don't miss our blaze curtain sets with five pieces in the set and matching comforter and sheet sets.

Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6.

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Quick view. Add to Cart. If you like Add to Cart Compare Quick view. Out of stock. Out of stock Compare Quick view. Southwest Curtain Set 5pcs. Plush Designer Fabric 2 Del Sierra curtain panels 1 Del Sierra valance 2 Tiebacks This southwestern Del Sierra curtain set is a very plush, luxurious fabric curtain set perfect for a southwest or western room as well Southwest Curtain Set 4 pcs.

Plush Designer Fabric 2 Del Sierra curtain panels 2 Tiebacks This western Del Rio curtain set is a very plush, luxurious fabric curtain set perfect for a southwest or western room as well. The rich woven fabric of Classic Southwest Design Plush Designer Fabric This southwestern Del Sierra curtain valance is a very plush, luxurious fabric valance perfect for a southwest or western room as well. The rich woven fabric of this curtain valance is the same as thatForums New posts Search forums.

Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Cab curtains for vans. Thread starter AMonger Start date Sep 3, AMonger Veteran Expediter.

Has anyone tried those after-market big truck privacy curtains in a cargo van? Sure, there might be an excess of material, but that can always be remedied. I've never been able to make it as dark as I like inside when I'm sleeping. I used one in my last van it worked ok but did let some light in. You can get curtains made to order and made to fit.

Here's the original post. I used Reflectix, I just cut it to fit the windows, it makes it very dark in the van. I have curtains made from a quilt-like fabric that has a layer of reflective mylar sandwiched in the center. It blacks out light and is a great insulator. AMonger said:. How do you put it in place and keep it there?

american van thermal curtain

I currently use reflective window shades that I've cut, but no method of keeping them there works all that well, even velcro. A freind and I ordered window covers from e-bay, made of white vinyl, that go on the outside of the windshield, and wrap around and cover the side windows as well. By covering the outside of the windows, the amount of heat generated by the windows in the sun is greatly reduced,keeping the inside of the cab cooler.

american van thermal curtain

They attach on the inside of the doors when closed. They are around Camping World has to order these, and are much more expensive from there.

american van thermal curtain

Pm me and I will get the name and address of the place we got them from. So, while on the outside of the vehicle, you open the passenger door, and put one end in the opening and close the door. Then you walk around the front with the other end so it wraps around the windshield and driver's door window, get in, closing the door on the end in your hand?

Turtle Administrator Staff member. The ones that go on the outside just seem to me to be a potential PITA when it's raining or snowing and you get a call on which you have to quickly roll, then you gotta deal with dragging a wet tarp into the van. These are what I use also can be found herebut I have never been able to find them for regular vans.

It is a 7-layer thermo insulation designed for an Italian company for NASA, and is the same thing used to insulate the Mars Rovers and other space vehicles. They come cut-to-fit for the Sprinter, and are secured with suction cups.Bist du in. Unsere deutschsprachige Seite ist jetzt online.

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Velcro Curtains for Your Camper Van

Recover password. Trade customer? Login Here. Remembered your password? Back to login. Already have an account? Login here. We have an exclusive range of high quality Kiravans curtains that have been expertly designed to fit each window and an array of window screens for front, rear and side windows. We are proud that each of our curtains are manufactured to the highest quality because we understand that privacy, security and insulation is very important. For ease we sell our exclusive Kiravans Curtain Kits which comprise of all of the essential elements you will need to dress each individual window.

Our blackout curtains have a double layer of dense fabric in grey and black which means these exceptional curtains are reversible so you can choose your preferred internal and external colour scheme. The double layer also means excellent thermal insulation. With various delivery options available to you including European and UK standard delivery or select our express delivery if you need your order urgently.

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Linen window panels bring natural elegance to any room in your home, while crisp cotton curtains are an easy, versatile option. Woven from pure cotton velvet, these elegant drapes make a sophisticated addition to contemporary or classic home decor. Or, improve your sleep with our room darkening window curtains. These curtains are a simple and stylish solution to dampen noise, block harsh light from entering your room, and insulate against heat and cold to reduce energy costs during the summer and winter months.

Add privacy to your outdoor living spaces with outdoor curtain panels for patios, porches, gazebos, and more. Our breezy, lightweight sheer panels offer a lovely linen-like texture, and inviting natural hues complement—rather than compete with—the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces. Find the hardware you need to install your curtains: curtain rods, clip rings, and hold backs upgrade your window treatments with polished style.

Our premium cotton, linen, velvet, and blackout curtain panels finish a room and allow just enough light into the space. Available in a variety of lengths. Our premium cotton, linen, velvet, and blackout curtain panels complete any room. Shop by Panel Length 63" 6 84" 16 96" 17 " 16 " Sort By: Our Favorites.At leisureshopdirect we believe in helping our customers do right by their motorhomes, caravans and campervans by stocking a range of caravan and motorhome spares to keep you on the road.

And let's face it, if your motorhome blinds have seen better days the routine of trying-try-try-trying-again to pull down the blinds without them flicking back up, or worse, trying to raise your motorhome screens and blinds every morning when they wrinkle and scrumple, the novelty of that routine really does wear off in the end. A number of your out there will have a curtain or blind project in mind!

We stock Remis motorhome screens and blindsHorrex Blinds and Seitz Blinds, with spares for most of the models. So, whether you are looking for side-window, front window or rear window motorhome screens and blinds in either a venetian style or caravan roller blinds, you should find what you are looking for here. Caravan Blinds Spares At Leisureshopdirect we believe not only in stocking the best products, we also believe in stocking the component parts of those products, to aid you in your loving repair, renewal and upgrading of your home-from-home.

american van thermal curtain

We stock curtain fittings including hooks, end stops and gliders as well as curtain tracks. We also stock handles, finger pulls and corner caps for various brands of blind: essential caravan spares at competitive prices. One of the most useful motorhome or caravan p Read More One of the most useful motorhome or caravan parts you will ever fit will be a caravan door fly screen, to keep those pesky critters out of your 'van!

It's lovely to pitch up near water Milenco have innovated Thermal Blinds solving the problems of conventi Milenco have innovated Thermal Blinds solving the problems of conventional blinds with our new and unique designs. All of our Universal Blinds are sized to prevent daylight leakage and to give you optimum thermal performance A great addition for everyone with a Motorhome are Silverscreens, Moto A great addition for everyone with a Motorhome are Silverscreens, Motorhome Thermal Screens, Interior Screen Covers and Exterior Windscreen covers, call them what you want to but fitting a silver thermal screen to your motorhome has lots of benefits.

Thermal motorhome screens have accumulated layers As much as we love to be sociable whilst camping and as much as we lon As much as we love to be sociable whilst camping and as much as we long for the fabulous qualities of the golden summer sunshine