Moderators: KirkLucinda. Post by Maj. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Jeanne and I went the range and I shot my Marlin 39 with tang sight out to meters!

I think those kansas fellows are on to something here. More shooters is always a good thing. If you need to ask " What just happened?

I had a little Marlin 39 Mountie with a 2x leupold I sold a buddy who kept bugging me for it. Wish I still had it. Shooting meters with a 22 rocks. The majority of the time, Traditional scores are higher. Richard A. Wood If you are surrounded. You are in a target rich environment.

We';ll see if Mike Bassett wants to open up his match days We have had an average of show up each match. We'll cater to the crowd our first match.

Hunters and plinkers. If the Majority are hard core Precision Rimfire shooters then we'll have some courses out to meters and have small targets. The action and variety of the PRF courses is appealing to the younger crowd but the time limits and position shooting may be too much for the older single shot shooters.

We'll have several courses of fire ready on match day and then choose an appropriate match layout. The majority of targets will be spinners and gongs.

We call it "Hunters Class". Those in the "Hunters" class compete against themselves, earn 10 in row animal pins, but are not considered in the Main match as the Match Winner. We require them to load their rifle of choice "one round at a time" like the.

This gets them use to the time restrictions and pace themselves accordingly.

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The idea is to encourage them by seeing how much fun we have in. Our club has an additional match day in the month for Precision NRL matches. Right now both styles of. That's great.

We had inquired about that a few years ago. We're going to offer one in Oklahoma city in October.Moderators: KirkLucinda. Privacy Terms. Quick links.

Talk with other Shiloh Sharps shooters.

The Brilliant Daisy VL .22 Rifle

Not sure of brand? Anyone have a or 75 from the shop down the street from Shiloh Thanks. It's a pretty good rifle. I shoot a CPA, and like it real well. Would be something of a hoot to get Kirk to start putting together some 77's in It's a beautiful and accurate gun. Martini's are probably as accurate, on average, but not legal for.

To shoot a Shiloh in. Either could be had for much less than a new rifle. The barrel could be lined if needed to get you in the game. Any pre 22 with a hammer will qualify. Not many original rifles are used, most are rebuilt to make them heavier or longer and restocked.

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I shoot an original Maynard with an original barrel that is like new condition. I won the AAA class in Raton in with the rifle. The bugger really shoots well. It out shoots all of my.

The reason a dog has so many friends is because he wags his tail instead of his tongue. The chamber design they use as well the precession the barrel is mated to the action that contributes to the fine accuracy their rifle has.

That is the maker of the barrel for this rifle Now, raisin' cows and livin' on borrowed time Board index All times are UTC.Moderator Group: Moderator. I have located a Win Winder. Would this rifle be appropriate to use in. Sharps with the vernier tang sights. I notice that this Winder has only one screw forward on the tang, apparently for a sight base, as well as the tang screw to the rear.

Could I fit a shorter staffed Vernier sight on it? Thank you. IP Logged. Re: Winder. He had the barrel lined and chambered to.

He generally gets better scores than I do with this outfit. If your rechambered barrel shoots close enough to hit the yd rams, it should be good to go.

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Winchester tang sight bases use the forward screw hole plus a longer version of the screw that links the tangs together. The sight base manufacturer should include such screws with the base when you order it. Joined: Mar 6 th You might not have a twist rate favorable to stabilizing the. You can't make good decisions without good information. Shorts use a 20 twist for their 36 grain bullets, long rifles a 16 twist for their 40 grain ones.

Long and long rifles have the same length case but the long has the 36 grain bullet of the short. For some reason I remember 22 shorts using 29 gr bullets. Am I wrong? Anyway, that 28" Winder barrel chambered for 22 short, depending really which one it is, has a slow twist and will not do well in the 22 BPCR game. Be careful. To shoot well in the 22 BPCR game, and everyone wants to, you need a 16 twist and good ammo that will hold the rams meters distant, I say in the wind because an unstable bullet in calm conditions may work to some degree, but in wind it will be landing everywhere.

Give the game a fair try with a good barrel, a well cut match chamber and one of the better grades of 22 match ammo your rifle likes. It will put a smile on your face when you hit Turkeys and Ram with regularity.

Some work with this by one of our members here suggests that high velocity ammo in a 22 short twist barrel may be the way to go Regards, Joe. Hey Joe, To be clear you are saying hiVel ammo in the slow twist 22 Short barrel shot at meters is the "way to go" meaning the most accurate?

I am not trying to hold your feet to the fire, but just checking for understanding. My rechambered Winder shoots the high velocity rounds, like the Stingers and Wildcat pretty well at a hundred yards. I have never seen any reason to try at longer distance, so whether it'd remain satisfactory I can't say.

When I had the thing recut I didn't even give the twist a thought. The 'smith brought his reamer home from the shop, and did it right at his kitchen table needed very little, since the LR would almost seat anyhow. When he was satisfied, he wiped out the barrel, stuck the 'test' cartridge in and closed the action.

Then he stuck it out the door, straight up in the air and shot it. When he looked at the extracted hull, he nodded and said, "Think it's worth five dollars? Whether it's the hot setup for silhouette? CW, I've no experience with this but found it an interesting read and would try it if I had a slow twist 22RFModerator Group: Moderator. Hello everyone, I'm interested in purchasing a. These rifles seem much more "affordable" than some others, like the CPA or Ballard reproductions.

Does anyone have any experience with these rifles, and if so, how do they stack up as far as quality and accuracy? Thanks in advance! IP Logged. Re: opinions on. I am unfamiliar with this rifle. BA could probably furnish you with some more information. I would be particularly interested in who the maker is.

These are near perfect for. Lee Shaver was one of if not the first to shoot. I have three of them and they are ALL tack drivers. Dale, The rifles referred to are Winchester low wall reproductions made by Uberti and imported by Cimmaron Arms.

They have several different configurations, including a pistol gripped, DST version with a Helm lever, that looks right stylish. I don't know how the barrels are in the. Cimmaron is one of the importers that specifies a higher level of fit and finish on the guns they import, from what I hear. Greg; Thanks for the information. FWIW, my Cimmaron. The finish is far superior to many, many Colts that I have seen. The barrel to cylinder clearance is tight, the trigger trips at 2.

The only complaint I have at all, it needed to have the sights regulated a bit that's because it is too much of a Colt Clone. If the low walls are made with such attention to detail, they ought to be nice rifles. I shot it quite a bit at yds. I used Wolf Match Target ammo. They are not particularly made for target shooting just due to the short light weight barrel. With iron sights this might be a handicap for the. I think tho that it should make a decent starter rifle till you see if you like the game, and if not still would make a dynamite small game rifle.

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Bob can fill you in a little more on his experiences. Pete They are a great rifle, but as you mentioned the bbl length and weight are not ideal for really good off hand shooting. I had our gunsmith work the trigger and improve it and then restocked it. Ended up with one very accurate squireel killer.

It works out much better for bench shooting than off hand, just my opinion.To login to the forum, click here. To change your password or set up a new account, go here. If your budget won't quite handle that much expense then finding an original Stevens 44 with the heavy target barrel also has been a good purchase, but even those in excellent condition will set you back close to Also, his rifles just plain look good!

When you go after a custom.

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The DZ arms. I have a friend that has one made by both and I shot them. They are fine shooters but for me the stock just has to much drop. I looked at both pretty hard when I was looking foe a good single shot. I settled on the. It weighs 12 1 oz and it if a fine shooter. That rifle will just about digest anything I load in it. It is the only.

Just looked up Dave Higgenbotham from Lone Star. Unfortunately, he died so Lone Star is out of business. There are not a lot of lower priced, viable rifles.

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This is the modern variant of the original low wall and they can be competitive. Emphasis on can be. They will still need sights, and will benefit from a good trigger job by someone that knows how to tune this particular trigger not any gunsmith is capable. The availability of suitable, competitive rifles is probably the biggest issue holding this sport back. But that problem, like most others, can be beaten with a combination of time, effort, determination, and dollars.

You'll need to supply him a military action. Not quick, and not cheap, but first-class and finely accurate. My preferences: 28", 3 profile barrel.

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A shorter barrel may improve the offhand stage slightly. That makes a rifle that looks and feels good, IMHO. I don't like the 4 profile barrel--looks like a truck axle, and no real advantage. You can always sell those rifles later if you get something you like better. Clarence, what does a 28" 3 weigh? I shoot a 2 in that length and it is no light rifle by any means. I think keeping the barrel at inches long is about the right length to let the rifle rest on the sticks, with just enough balance to make for a good off hand stance.

Holding the weight to lbs total. The CSA we had built for my wife has a 26 in 1 barrel, it's not a light rifle but it's unwieldy either. Forum To login to the forum, click here To change your password or set up a new account, go here Menu. Forum Activity Login Register. Please Login or Register to create posts and topics.

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Stevens Rifles.I was pleased with our accommodation, in particular the deluxe rooms, but it was a good experience to stay in different levels of accommodation depending on the location. The service and friendliness of all our hosts, servers, tourist info staff, etc was one of the highlights of this Icelandic experience. Everyone we met was so helpful and kind. I will definitely recommend Iceland and Nordic Visitor to my friends. Worry free holiday, we were able to enjoy the self drive tour knowing every detail had been taken care of by Nordic Visitor.

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Thank you for being there through all of our questions in preparation for our trip and for organizing such lovely documentation providing us with plenty of options to do on our tour around Scotland. The booking process was easy and very comprehensive. We received our documents in plenty of time to view our options for visiting sites while on the trip. Sindre was always prompt in answering any e mail questions we had prior to our departure. Rental car pick up was a breeze as the location for pick up was less than three blocks from our hotel in Oslo.

The hotel choices were superior. Our tour guide, Gunner Birgisson, was awsom. He anticipated all our needs and had a wonderful sense of humor. The information and stories he provided all the way were amazing and most of the time hilarious.

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Will definitely book other trips through Nordic Visitor again. Service from Nordic Visitor was wonderful. Excellent experience both in booking arrangements and the quality of our visit. Having all the accommodation arranged ahead of time made for a stress free visit and the glacier walk was outstanding in all ways.

We enjoyed Iceland - it is a stunningly beautiful country. Next time we will seek more experiences away from popular tourist destinations probably some day hikes in national parks and will ask for your advice in arranging that visit.

She was so helpful throughout the process and answered all our questions in a timely manner. I don't have anything negative to say, she was truly spectacular. By far the best travel agent we have ever had.

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I don't know what we would have done without her. Every hotel outside of the city was fantastic.